Media Engagement

Clarissa Kristjansson is an expert in Holistic Menopause and uses powerful and dynamic processes which combine health coaching, mindfulness and Traditional Chinese Medicine to help professional women thrive in menopause and set themselves up for the Second Spring.

As a best-selling author, top-rated midlife women's podcaster and public speaker Clarissa loves to talk about the impact of a whole mind-body approach to menopause on our health, wellbeing and ability to be in the driver's seat of this life transition.

Available for expert interviews, articles and live speaking events.

Broadcast Media

Clear, friendly communication style focusing on Menopause, holistic health and calm positive menopause as a Guest expert, contributor and interviewee for local, national and international TV and Radio.

Print and Online Media

Working with journalists around the world to provide swift turnaround, high quality, accessible articles, features and information to deadline for a wide variety of print and online publications.

  • Contributor for features in glossies, colour supplements, magazines
  • Feature articles for  health and wellbeing sections
  • Fully-formed stories or items for busy journalists
  • Guest writer
  • Q&A

Guest Podcasting

Guest on a range of Podcast and live internet broadcasts giving the holistic perspective on menopause :

  • Mindfulness
  • Chinese Medicine view of menopause
  • Impact of Stress on menopausal health
  • Tips and techniques to sleep 
  • The power of rest
  • Guest expert on Qigong
  • How to have a calmer smoother menopause

Speaker and Workshop Presenter

Entertaining, thought-provoking and lifestyle enhancing speaking engagements and interactive workshops.

  • The power of mindset
  • Guest expert
  • Why stress dials up menopause symptoms
  • Qigong
  • Acu Oils

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Broadcast and Print Media

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